AT Self Assessments

The self-assessment was designed and field-tested by Tots-n-Tech to help programs evaluate their systems and supports for the use of adaptations, including AT, in early intervention.   The self-assessment includes four areas:
  • AT devices and services
  • AT evaluation and assessment (including initial and annual evaluations, assessment, and ongoing progress monitoring)
  • Individualized Planning (IFSP)
  • System questions
  • The practices on the self-assessment were generated from a review of empirical data, recommended practice documents, and guidelines developed by the Consortium Leadership Team Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology Services (QUIAT) in school settings.   Initial testing of the self-assessment was completed with a sample of 293 early intervention professionals.  These data were used to determine the reliability and validity of the scale which resulted in scale with 55 items.  Specific items for each area can be viewed by clicking on the area in the menu to the right. We have also developed a series of Resource Briefs that focus on key areas of the AT Self-Assessment and are designed to assist states and programs to enhance AT training, use, and resources in early intervention.