Ideas to Share

Often what is needed to help a child participate is an idea for an adaptation that will make participation possible.

Ideas to Share have been contributed by people working with young children in early intervention programs across the country. If you have an Idea to Share, please tell us about it, and include a description of your idea. Pictures are always helpful. We will then work with you so that we can add your idea to this growing resource.


We have organized the IDEAS database in terms of key words (which appear in the tag menu at the right on the home page of this site), functional skills, and activities/routines. All categories link you to the same database, but can be accessed from any of these avenues.

  • If you need help with a specific functional skill (e.g., communication, arms and hands, socialization, getting around) click below for functional skills. 
  • If you have a specific activity/routine in mind, then click on activity/routine below to select the activity/routine for which you need an adaptation. 

All Ideas to Share are also available as a *pdf download if you wish to have them available in a print format.  There are no limits on the *pdf downloads and permission is granted to make copies to distribute.